About us

Our role was to provide advice to Government and to the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) on the content of A-levels in the subjects of particular importance for preparation for the leading universities. We were funded by a grant from the Department for Education.

Our detailed work in respect of individual A-level subjects was undertaken by specialist subject panels made up of experienced academics. Our work focused on the ‘facilitating subjects’ identified by the Russell Group, which are mathematics, further mathematics, English literature, physics, biology, chemistry, geography, history, and modern and classical languages.

Our work built on the findings of the A-level subject content review conducted by the awarding organisations and Ofqual. ALCAB established expert subject panels to review the content of A-levels in mathematics, further mathematics; modern foreign and classical languages; and geography. The panel reports were published in July 2014.  

We will also contribute to the review process for A-levels that Ofqual will establish in the longer-term. Through this process, we will consider the content of the remainder of those facilitating subjects not identified for detailed consideration by subject panels in the first phase of our work, providing advice and drawing on relevant expertise as appropriate.

ALCAB does not advise on assessment or on other qualifications.Ofqual retains full responsibility for the accreditation of qualifications.

Correspondence between Professor Nigel Thrift and the Secretary of State for Education regarding the establishment of ALCAB :

Letter to SoS 31 May