Subject panels

ALCAB has formed three subject advisory panels in 2013/14: Maths, Modern Foreign and Classical Languages and Geography. The reports of the three panels will be published in July 2014.

The role of the subject panels

The subject panels were responsible for reviewing the content of A levels in the subjects remitted to them and recommend changes where required. They had a particular emphasis on the content required by the leading universities for preparation for university study, whether of the cognate subject or of related subjects, but they cosulted widely in coming to their conclusions.



The Mathematics Panel is chaired by Professor Richard Craster. Professor Craster is Head of the Department of Mathematics and a Professor of Applied Mathematics at Imperial College London.

Mathematics panel members are:

Dr Clare Dunning, University of Kent

Professor Peter Giblin, University of Liverpool

Professor Paul Glaister, University of Reading

Mr Mark Heslop, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys

Dr Steve Humble, University of Newcastle

Dr Sue Pope, University of Manchester

Mr Roger Porkess, independent

Professor Alice Rogers, King’s College London

Dr Louise Walker, University of Manchester

Dr Helen Wilson, University College London

Modern Foreign and Classical Languages

The Modern Foreign and Classical Languages Panel is chaired by Professor Stephen Parker. Professor Parker is Henry Simon Professor of German at Manchester University.

Members of the Modern Foreign and Classical Languages Panel are:

Dr Sean Allan, University of Warwick

Professor Nicholas Harrison, King’s College London

Professor Katrin Kohl, University of Oxford

Dr Shirley Lawes, Institute of Education

Dr Irene Macías, University of Bath

Professor Ian MacKenzie, University of Newcastle

Professor Michael Moriarty, University of Cambridge

Professor Chris Pountain, Queen Mary University of London

Professor Stuart Taberner, University of Leeds

Current Classical Languages panel members are:

Professor Bruce Gibson, University of Liverpool

Dr Genevieve Lively, University of Bristol

Professor Judith Mossman, University of Nottingham


The Geography Panel is chaired by Professor Martin Evans who is a Professor of Geomorphology at University of Manchester and Head of Geography in the School of Environment, Education and Development.

Geography Panel members are:

Dr Pippa Chapman, University of Leeds

Professor Klaus Dodds, University of London

Professor Richard Harris, School of Geographical Sciences

Professor Anthony Long, University of Durham

Dr Emma Mawdsley, University of Cambridge

Professor Richard Phillips, University of Sheffield

Ms Bridget Oeppen, Hills Road 6th Form College, Cambridge

Dr Alistair Owens, Queen Mary, University of London

Dr Ruth Weaver, Plymouth University

Dr Rita Gardner, Royal Geographical Society

Mr Alan Kinder, Geographical Association