ALCAB correspondence

22 January 2015: The Chair of ALCAB, Professor Sir Nigel Thrift, wrote to the Secretary of State for Education on 31 October 2014 about the future of ALCAB, once final advice was completed on the A levels reviewed in 2014. The Secretary of State replied on 25 November 2014. The letters can be read here and here.

18 December 2014: ALCAB has today published its final advice on the A levels which it reviewed, following consultation by DfE and Ofqual on proposals which had reflected ALCAB’s earlier advice. ALCAB’s final advice on the content of A levels in ancient and modern languages, mathematics, further mathematics and geography was conveyed in a letter from the Chair of ALCAB, Professor Nigel Thrift, to the Secretary of State, Nicky Morgan MP.

29 September 2014: Letter from ALCAB to Ofqual about new A levels in modern foreign languages. The letter encloses a paper explaining the rationale for the new A levels including an analytic essay in English and answers the most common objections to this proposal. The letter to Ofqual can be found here and the paper can be found here.

8 July 2014: Letters to DfE from the chairs of the ALCAB panels on mathematics and further mathematics and modern foreign and classical languages. These letters convey the views of the panels and their chairs on wider matters concerning their subjects but ranging beyond the remit of ALCAB to review the content of A levels. The letters can be read here and here.